155 Years of Music & Craftsmanship

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from antonin petrof’s first grand piano…

Antonín Petrof produced his first grand piano in 1864, thereby laying the foundations for the production of the masterly musical instruments of the PETROF brand. In the course of a few years he turned a small workshop into a successful factory, which stands in Hradec Králové in the heart of the Czech Republic and Europe to this day. The path among the leading European piano manufacturers, however, was not always rosy ...

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We believe in the skill, strength and sensibility of our craftsmen’s hands

Yet despite this difficult path five generations of Petrofs have earned worldwide success,. Their brilliantly pure, rich sound and excellent craftsmanship lend PETROF’s grand and upright pianos an unprecedented reputation. 80% of the production process lies in the hands of our skilled pianomakers, intoners and tuners, whose rich experience we have accumulated over many decades. Every instrument that leaves our factory represents the good name of its builders.